Spend more time doing art instead of dealing with layers

It´s too painfull to create good-looking 2D game with personality, it isn't? You have to create an idea, preparing the images, with all those layers and canvas in Photoshop to make them beautifull and functional. So, in the ending, you have to prepare your library, organize them in game objects to finally export them all in Unity 3D project and to do it you have to lead with... layers!!! Oh my, indie-game-developers have bad luck, are they? No by now!!

smartSprite was made for indie-game-developers could spend more time thinking in ideas and less leading with layers and canvas. You can enjoy your drafts and transport them towards images ready for importation in Unity, or whatever game framework that you want.

Just open your draft, mark the objects and export them. Without canvas, without layers. You can create game scenes and menus as well.

In the future versions you'll be able to create some simple animation automatically from the generated pieces.

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